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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I'll admit I'm skeptical of less gears = better, as evidenced by manufacturers adding more and more gears to chase economy, but those are more than decent numbers for a car of that era.


Today I found myself using 2nd to 6th a couple of times. 2nd gear will do approximately 78mph but the engine has gobs of torque, so I took 2nd from a stop out to around 35 and then straight into 6th. I'm certain this wasn't best for economy, but it was certainly lazy, and I got around 47mpg on my return commute, all city driving in the rain with the outside temperature in the 30's.
Ecky, with a V8 built for low RPM torque, I never lacked for power to shift with no problems at any speed. The heavy flywheel matched to the low RPM ability to pull without lugging made it a great car to drive at any speed.
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