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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
So far, there's not enough published information available about the HUMMER to make any informed impression.
Shooting from the hip, it looks like it will be a 219 + -kWh pack for the high-end version.
There's lots of information, both official and otherwise.

Based on the top trim, which is the only one offered the first year - $112,600 - 4th quarter 2021. The base model is 4 years away.

We know the specs of the Ultium batteries, and the Hummer is using Ultium batteries, so we know it's 200 kWh.

We've been given an initial range estimate which allows us to have an impression of the efficiency of 1.6 miles per kWh, or 625 Wh/mile.

0-60 in 3 seconds
crab walk
air suspension
35" tires standard, can fit 37"
3 motors providing 4x4 capability and torque vectoring

Gas and Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

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