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I have now (mid Sept 2008) negotiated the UK licence to supply Ethos FR to public and corporate sector organisations
so you're biased. SCAM. I'm also pretty sure this is a spam bot.

Anyways, lets just assume this product actually works as advertised (yeah, its very far-fetched, but bear with me). Dubya would make a national order to put this additive in ALL fuels. Since there is no patent, he could just have his minions produce it themselves. By making all vehicles get better mileage, people would rush head-over-heels back into those giant SUV's they just traded for metros. Eco drivers would buy up all the metros for pennies. People would take longer trips, drive more, therefore selling more oil. Economy gets a blissful boost, Oil profits skyrocket, the pres actually gets an approval rating just in time to boost the McBush/Palin campaign, and the republicans are labeled the heroes of the United States......

(sorry, gonna test the language filter here)

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