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I would bet the 2009-2015 Q7 with the 3.0 TDI would get 30 mpg driven reasonably. Probably about $23,000 used but just off the buyback with a new 4 year warranty on most parts. Under $20,000 if it's been off the buyback for some of that 4 years already. Depending on where you are diesel might be more or less than unleaded, here it's a little less. It may cost $55 to fill up from empty around here but once full will go over 700 miles before needing more. Your kids won't last that long.

I bought a 2012 Touareg over a year ago and like it. Touareg doesn't have the 3rd row of the stretched Q7. That warranty has come in handy though with the dealer doing probably $5000 of work on it. All new injectors and a new adblue pump. We also have a 2011 Chrysler minivan which does ride nice but not the level of the Touareg. The van we can massage a 28 mpg tank out of if you drive 55, but the Touareg will do 30 mpg at 70 and diesel costs $.20 less a gallon. At 55 I bet it goes more like 33.

I bet a Pacifica hybrid would rock too. They run the atkins cycle on the 3.6 and have better aero than my 2011. Add in the electric and hybrid and I bet over 30 mpg is pretty possible in those.

I wouldn't really consider anything much smaller than a Q7 comfortable for a long trip with 6 and a dog. Maybe that's just me.


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