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Thumbs up No SCAM, just a very good product

It is sad that some people are so cynical and will not be open minded to listen to a variety of opinions or evidence. Just because you have made your mind up and closed it to the reality that Ethos FR works does not mean that your opinion makes it a scam.

Yes, of course I am biased. I have actually used it for 18 months and am now building a business around it. Most fuel companies have their own products that contain some form of mineral oil. I am afraid I do not know the equivalent in the USA but in the UK there is BP Ultimate, which makes similar claims - but motorists pay an extra 8 or 9 pence a litre to buy this grade of fuel. Ethos FR works out to be 1 to 2 pence a litre for motorists. In other words, the oil companies do have similar products but any saving goes to the poor impoverished oil companies. At least with Ethos FR the punter gets the benefit.

But the difference between you and I is that I have actually used it and get the benefit of savings and carbon footprint reduction. Perhaps if you were open minded enough to use the product and voice an opinion from experience - and not from ignorance - this would be a more productive discussion.

I remain a proud user and licence holder of Ethos FR because it works.
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