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Rough Conditions and Aero Mods?

Hey all, if this is a thread that doesnít need to be started feel free to remove.

Iíve recently got a 250,000+km 1997 Civic Si in decent shape which Iím currently working on. Having been a cyclist commuter for more than 3 years, Iím always thinking about aerodynamics (in fact, as I work on this car, my velomobile project is sitting on the back burner). I got my license this September (still only 19) and Iím already disappointed with the design and economy of the cars Iíve tried. I want something sleeker, and more efficient.

Iím here to ask for opinions/ideas about aero mods that wonít compromise my ability to get through the harsh conditions here. Namely, snow. About a foot of it here currently, and I swear itís just getting taller and taller. The ground clearance of Civic makes it hard enough already to get through, so I canít imagine how things like an air dam or front scoop would react. Maybe itíll work? Let me know any experiences/advice/opinions on this.

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