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I think it wise to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS-Method) for this young man.

Suggestions (good ones) have been made.

If anyone here is proposing some advanced fix for a problem that probably doesn't exist such as forward body positive pressure design flaws in the Honda Civic SI, then please post what you have. Your solution? Net gain?

Aft body and trailing edge extensions seemed to have worked before, but not sure if this body style will be very welcoming to it.

For instance, a rear deck-lid Bonneville style horizontal extension is probably just going to be a big snow shelf possibly.

A little more info, some argue that it's about refilling the Aerotemplate- Part-C (or against).

Do the grille block but keep an eye on your temperatures, warping your heads by overheating will total this car. I personally do not like grill blocks, because it is cooling system dependent and most of my cars/trucks have not been friendly to this (antiquated cooling systems).

The wheel spats are cool, but getting into where the snow is, maybe not right for this project.

Buy a big push broom and do the rear deck-lid extension, and report back. Just don't cover up your rear bake lights.

Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
This is way too simplistic....
I was doing my best to keep it as simple as possible and acknowledge that front end, middle body and aft section are all part of a complete composite picture.

What changes (eco-mods) do you propose to "positive pressure" the front of a 1997 Honda Civic SI?
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