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Originally Posted by JacobLeSann View Post
I think wheel covering will actually be beneficial in snow. From my experiences growing up in snow, I’ve gained a pretty solid understanding of how it likes to stop a car. Discs would keep it from getting inside the rim, which normally make the wheels wobble like hell. Skirts would help keep it out of the wheel wells, and with disc covers I doubt any snow could build up enough to push the skirts off..........
I'm in Michigan, and we get a lot of slush with our rapid Freeze/Thaw cycles.

I've never lived with wheel covers, but have to periodically remove chucks of ice built-up in he wheel wells similar to the below photo.

By all means research wheel covers and wheel opening covers.

I'd like to know if your initial intuition is accurate as it runs counter to mine.

Thank you for posting images of your car.

There are different solutions for hatchbacks and sedan/coupes in my opinion.

An aft greenhouse addition is out of the question because of Canadian law?

Good thing you know that ahead of time.
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