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Actually, you’re right about that. I’ll rethink the covers. We get that same exact problem. Discs will still be beneficial, but it will indeed be annoying to clean up, no doubt.

The police here abuse their power and ticket you for made-up laws, and then stick you in legal limbo if you try to stick up for yourself. I gotta pick up a subpoena today for a trial I was the victim in a whole year ago now. The justice system is a failure here, but I digress. So far as I can tell, there are no real regulations on modifications to the body paneling, only on safety-related equipment. Were I to make a boat-tail, I’d need to make it from Lexan to keep the lights shining through it and in view at all angles. Same goes for the nose, but that one is a bit easier to work with. The trunk shape is kind of hard. But if by aft greenhouse you mean a rear wing like the pictures you’ve sent, that should be fine legally as it doesn’t obstruct any real functions of the car. I’ll probably go down that route.
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