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Thumbs up Apology accepted of course

I do appreciate that the internet does offer some very annoying automated activities and of course I appreciate your apology with no hard feelings.

I think that you will find with the changes made a few months ago in the manaufacturing company, Ethos Environmental, and the distribution company, For Earth Inc, that there will be a more technical and business like approach to developing Ethos FR. There are 2 technical reports due in October, for example, and For Earth Inc are very supportive of the work I am doing in the UK - including the move toward a recognised external technical evaluation against the various European Union regulations, Ad Blue and other processes.

I am not sure what the 'lies' relate to but I can assure you that I do use this product, I do get a consistent 15% saving, I do have a much lower carbon footprint from lower engine emissions and I am developing a business that can make a very positive impact here - that is not a network marketing activity.

I am not sure that I would, however, go along with the scenario that you paint. I am sure that you appreciate the American culture better than I, however, so I would not like to comment. All I know is that over here there are heavy carbon reduction targets and a real drive to offset rising oil prices. Ethos FR can make a difference here and once established will become a watchword for good environmental management in relation to transport.

Please keep an open mind and keep a look out for more progress in the US and the UK.
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