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I, for one, would love to see the results of a proper set of testing for the product. So far, it appears as if the manufacturer has refrained from any rigorous testing whatsoever--instead, relying on anecdotal evidence and one very uncontrolled test that I have read about.

The way that they claim the product works is an out and out impossibility. If 20% of the fuel going into the engine actually did go out the tailpipe, you could hold a match up to it and shoot flames out the back. So if it indeed works (and that's still a very very big "if" in my mind), it would have to work a different way than they claim.

I'm curious if your driving style changed in any way whatsoever when you started using the Ethos product? I have been able to boost my fuel economy by over 30% just by changing the way I drive. A 15% boost from a change in driving style is very possible--even if the changes are unconscious...

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