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The Great Charging Debate!

Our world is being kind of overwhelmed with plug-ins. Many people are not ready or accepting of this. I got into a lot of trouble at my apartment complex when I went from a 4 hour daytime charger on a trike to an overnight trickle charger for my City-EL.

I suppose this could at be the same problem at many extended-living motels, condominiums, or public buildings. I have to sneak in - plug in -put old tires or boxes over the cord to hide it. Ridiculous!

Now we have plug-in Prius, new Chevy Volt, 4 new Chryslers, Ford Think re-designed, Triac, Tesla, and many many more EVs here now or coming.

Living in an environment that frowns on solar panels or wind generators is one thing I put up with; I have lived here 15 years- and now I am criminalized for plugging in. I don't get it. I am seriously considering moving somewhere EV friendly!

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