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Originally Posted by Who View Post
Assiming the bike is properly fitted, slacker headtube angle and longer chainstays is the key to comfort on longer rides. If you're doing distance twitchy instant handling isn't welcome, and longer chainstays helps driveline angles and permits wider gearing combos.

I'd scour e-bay over the winter for a Ti frame. Alu would be the last choice based on what you've said, although there are some nice Alu bikes out there. If you can find a cheaper Campy grouppo - Veloce or Daytona/Centaur that would be my pick...

May I ask why Ti is good? Why is Aluminum a poorer choice?
I know from my extensive theoretical work with metallurgy that aluminum has a cyclical limit. I would assume the bicycle manufacturers take this into consideration but knowing the lack of integrity in many industries it wouldn't surprise me if aluminum was an excuse for specific sections or components to fail.
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