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This is an artform that I really have a lot of appreciation for.
If I didn't live in an apartment and had a garage, I'd be doing it already.

I didn't watch the video ( perhaps later, but for now it is not something I am even able to do because of lack of tools and garage space. )

So this may have been covered in the video, but if not, here are some general questions :

What would be the cost to do something such as a Honda Civic fender in normal guage steel ?

And aluminum ?

I know it varies, but a ballpark figure on the cheapest it could cost ? ( no free materials that is )

I'm assuming that when creating something such as a fender, you start with a wood "buck" that looks much like the cardboard inner structure Darin used on his Insight tail.
I assume you wack the metal till it roughly "drapes " around to shape.
You then continue pounding to get the metal shaped even closer to your buck.

But then here is the part I'm confused about : how does one get the metal to become perfectly smooth and straight without the use of body filler ?

I remember paint and body class in high school. It really surprised me how precise you have to be to get a smooth panel .
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