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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
Yup, a Baker Electric is identical to a Model Y. No innovation required.

Tesla just updated the 3 with more power and 10% more efficiency at lower cost. Find me another vehicle maker we can say that about. For the most efficient car to make such an improvement is huge. Fords have been getting 10% more efficient year on year for 100 years, right?

Tesla are casting their entire underbody in two pieces, in a process that takes 1 second, and saving 100kg from the car. GM's been doing that for years of course.

Their speed of progress is such that nobody can keep up. Electronics industy leader Nvidea couldn't keep up so Tesla now make their own chips. FCA have been making their own chips in house for decades, of course.

Octovalves and heat pumps? Industry standard, even in Uzbekistan.

Nissan should have a huge lead but instead insist on passive battery cooling that means a Leaf is more expensive/polluting to run than a V8, certainly in hot environments. Being first to 1 million units but lacking any kind of innovation puts Nissan basically last in the EV race.

Advantage can be quickly squandered. It's often said that staying ahead is harder than getting there in the first place.

You could argue that nothing in this world is truly new any more. The wheel was nothing new, because we already had round rocks. Steam engines were nothing new because we already had water and fire. Touch screens and cell phones both already existed so the iPhone was nothing to get excited about. Going to the moon was nothing new because rockets were already 30 years old. Going to Mars will be nothing new because Apollo was 50 years ago and so on.

Caution: above post contains sarcasm
Well in all fairness the Tesla hasn't improved efficiency 10% every year since they started selling cars in 2008 which is 14 model years which would be a 379% improvement.

Now Ford has many times in it's past, improved efficiency and power of an updated model by at least 10% over the previous version.

Saying it takes 1 second to "cast" any part of a car is also very misleading. it takes less than that to stamp a frame rail, but of course there are 100 other steps getting it to that moment, and 100 more after before it can be installed.

If whatever they were doing was faster and better, they would have lower priced cars, with better build quality, at a faster production rate. Ford has been rolling over 2000 F-150s off the line per day for a long time in 1 or 2 plants. Tesla's best quarter averages 1300 total cars over all models and all plants. I bet an independent quality control inspection would show the average F150 to be of better build quality than a Model Y. You also get a lot of F150 for $40,000+. Teslas are cool, but so is a F150 when you look close at it.

Basically Tesla is just another car, Ford is just another truck, Apple is just a another phone/computer. Why people become so fanatic about any brand of anything is beyond me.

I guess except for Mountain Dew, there is no substitute for Mountain Dew, and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise!

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