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Aluminum flashing is is easy to use. Coat it with a rubberized spray except near the exhaust. Multiple layers of aluminum and gasket paper can be used to form insulation. Scrap appliance sheet steel with the enamel coating is durable. Pay attention to the rear pan from the rear suspension to the bumper cover. Extending the tail past the bumper involves legal safety standards. I have a hitch mounted cargo carrier that mounts behind the bumper. A 20 inch by 60 inch cargo box would have to let the tail lights be visible or have approved lights attached. On our 2007 Honda Accord the center brake light is on the upper part of the trunk lid. As you fabricate your front grill consider incorporating fog lamps. These would be wired to the low beam circuit with a relay and switch. Check the repair manual for your car. On our Accord the front facia must come off to change the headlamps.
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