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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Well in all fairness the Tesla hasn't improved efficiency 10% every year since they started selling cars in 2008 which is 14 model years which would be a 379% improvement.

Now Ford has many times in it's past, improved efficiency and power of an updated model by at least 10% over the previous version.
Name one time where an update resulted in a 10% efficiency increase. A full model cycle, maybe.

The ICE industry is lucky to improve by 10% a decade.

When I replaced my 15yo van with a same size and weight new one, the gain was, well zero despite the engine being 1l smaller, and having stop start. I love my Renault and I love stop start, but for it to actually work I had to install solar panels to keep the battery charged. Just an example of the have arsed compliance 'innovation' we're used to seeing from the old guard.

I was pretty surprised when my 1949 Ford clocked in at 13mpg city. That's similar to 50 year newer vehicles I've driven of the same size and weight, even with engines half the size.

Even DIY it wouldn't be hard to make the '49 20% more efficient. That would bring it line ball with the V6 Hilux which is the closest modern equivalent.

For Tesla to gain 10% on the worlds most efficient vehicle as just part of their continual development is something else. Remember too that Tesla keeps rolling out additional range and performance with just OTA updates.

Saying it takes 1 second to "cast" any part of a car is also very misleading. it takes less than that to stamp a frame rail, but of course there are 100 other steps getting it to that moment, and 100 more after before it can be installed.

If whatever they were doing was faster and better, they would have lower priced cars, with better build quality, at a faster production rate
Bare in mind this world biggest casting machine is still being built at Giga Berlin. A frame rail is quick to stamp, but like you said, there are a million steps before and after before it becomes a chassis. By comparison, casting an entire underbody is pretty much a 1 second and it's done process.

Have you not noticed that Teslas sell for half the price of anything the competition has to offer? Compare prices of Taycan vs S, Cybertruck Vs Hummer EV. I mean Hyundai's Kona EV costs the same as a Y, and perhaps the closest competition is the EQC LOL.

As ICE makers have found, building EV's in volume is a huge challenge. Saying that just because Ford can crank out F150's faster than Tesla cranks out it's cars is completely missing the point. ICE makers can't produce their EV's at a fraction of Tesla's speed, and remember, they do everything in house. The F150 is more 'assembled' at Fords factory than 'built'.

Tesla are working on the big picture stuff so some of the smaller stuff isn't always great. At the same time VW issued a recall for their ICE vans because the windows might come out, so it's not just Tesla with bonded glass issues.

Polestar (Volvo) had to recall all their cars for inverter faults, Hyundai have the Kona fires, VW have the ID4 software debacle and Mercedes haven't been able to scale the EQC. E-tron has just been a flop.

I'm no brand loyalist, I've just come to realize even with wave after wave of Tesla killers, they remain the most compelling EV. Dollar for dollar, it's no contest.

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