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Porsche 550 Spyder factory drawings | SMCars.Net - Car Blueprints Forum

Can anyone translate the German above?

What is Cw, is that like Cd but in German?

Cw = Cd ?

CwF = CdA ?



Not shown is the fuel pump and brake pedal line junction cover plate (deflection plate) between the ST-Classic skid plate and floor pan. Would make for a fairly flat surface minus the chaos of the air being passed over the cylinders at the rear (right side of image).

My deflection plate had several dents in it that I flattened out with a 3lb hammer. It's there for a reason, you don't want to lose your fuel pump to a Michigan pot hole.

NOTE: I'm not sure why ST-Classic chose images of a 550 and 356 for a 911 spare tire hold down strap. If it looks confusing, it is clarified at the site with other images - I trust.

I have not taken the very top image to the aerodynamic template AST-II or otherwise. Could prove to be interesting, but looks to fall way short. If the Cd is 0.233 that would be awesome.
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