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For some reason this was a terribly difficult thread to find. The consequence of having finals directly following drill was that I did poorly at both and failed my urinalysis for prescribed ADHD drugs. I got in big trouble six months later when the results came back, although I brought in my prescription the next day. I was still in trouble for months, but why would I care?

I guess the only good thing that happened that year was that I did not need to go to the field a couple of times. That was supposed to be a punishment!

I moved the shed and put a bunch of extra cinder blocks under it, which was fine, until I used it as an office when coronavirus started. I looked into putting in insulation and drywall, but didn't try to make it happen until my sister camped in the backyard with her kids. I tried to set up the shed as a cabin for them, but hopefully if this were a cabin with insulation, drywall, and HVAC they are more likely to visit.

After I moved the shed I built a garden box for Mom, which is starting to decompose. I helped Mom and Dad with various projects, went home to get ready for annual training, and Dad passed away.

I miss the old codger. No offense, Dad.

I had some hard months. I don't know how I would compare it with 2020, but I haven't lost any friends or family.

I couldn't find those 18" fenceposts on-line, so I tried to find this thread, and nothing worked, including "Moving shed," so I needed to go back through my old posts.

I have created many new threads.

Lowe's doesn't sell those fenceposts anymore, although at least I found the old page, so I know for sure. I cannot find anything similar there, but Home Depot has 6" x 8' fence posts. There are smaller ones, too, but they are 4' long, and more than half as much.

Many people talk about using pipes as rollers, but how long does it need to be? It seems like everyone says 4' or longer. The round fenceposts are $12.98, 2' lengths of 4" ABS are $9.31, and 2' lengths of PVC are $12.84.

Has PVC always been more expensive than ABS?

I don't know if 2' of plastic pipe would be adequate, but I am confident that 2' of 6" wide wood would be, although if I used four whole posts I wouldn't need to adjust them as much.

1/2" metal pipe costs about as much as ABS and 3/4" metal pipe costs about as much as PVC. I drove our digger bar into the ground, so tomorrow I need to:
  1. Buy 4 posts.
  2. Jack up each corner of the shed.
  3. Take 2x6es out of the shed and lay them down under each corner.
  4. Slide a post under each corner and lower it back down.
  5. Loop my big cargo strap and my tow strap; run them around the shed, and attach that with a good cargo strap to the digging bar.
  6. Crank, man, crank!
[Maybe I won't leave it on the rollers]
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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