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Isaac Zachary, my 2-barrel does not have a secondary barrel but is a basic 2-barrel Autolite 2150 on the 4-cylinder I am building and a 2100 on my Mustang 6-cylinder. Vacuum is a very good indication of load with such a carb and with my cam making maximum Torque in the 3000 rpm range. No doubt I could improve MPG with a computer reading the sensors new motors use, but THAT is what I am trying to avoid. My purpose is to find maximum economy WITHOUT any electronics or computer controls. I think today's electronic ignitions main reason for existing is because they can be matched to to those sensors for emissions purposes. The dual-vacuum canister on older ignitions was NOT to improve economy but to make idling engines run hotter...for emissions purposes. Way back in the mid 70's my 32 Ford coupe was tested by Baylor University with a modified 289 V8 Ford engine and NO smog devices except a PCV valve. It met emissions standards for 1978 in 1974. A well tuned engine with basic improvements (Hot Ignition 'yes points', Proper Timing, Mild Cam, Carb matched to engine size, Free Flowing Exhaust, Cool-Air intake) can make more horsepower and run cleaner than when factory new, with these upgrades. Putting that engine in a car 1000 pounds lighter and using a .75 overdrive with lockup torque converter, I hope for well into 30's MPG...then I'll try for low 40's. THAT is my objective with ZERO computers.
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