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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
1) shame Hucho didn't include that data point in his handling of the Langenburg Castle car. It would also have been of benefit had you mentioned it.
2) Cd 0.09 for a body was recorded in 1922. The same Cd 0.09 Hucho talked about in 1987, as a future target. That's pretty significant.
3) Buchheim's VW-Flow Body ( long-tail ) recorded Cd 0.14, not far from Jaray's Cd 0.13 for a similar form.
4) Buchheim's Flow Body sans wheels measured Cd 0.0913.
5) Jaray's 1922 half-body sans wheels measured Cd 0.90.
4) Buchheim et al, in 1981, measured an identical Cd 0.16 for Wolfgang Klemperer's 'minivan' basic body of 1922.
5) Hucho reproduced the Cd 0.16 for the 'Lange' car, as was measured in 1938 at the AVA.
6) Hucho measured Cd 0.15 in model, to the AVA's Cd 0.158 for the 1:1-scale Schl'o'rwagen of 1938.

You segue between drag coefficients of shapes, models and full size cars as if their figures are all interchangeable in validity. That's massive confusion right there.

And you still didn't address my numbered points...
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