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Yea, most tuners are generally looking for more power. Really stock it has plenty of power for 99% of what I want to do with it, I just wanted the diesel over gas. Personally not a fan of Ford engines, IH made the 7.3L and it's a known long lasting engine with not many problems long term.

I'm sure the tuning is pretty crippled on it, the specs I see online says it should be around 450ft-lb of torque stock, the 2001 parts truck I have should be around 505ft-lbs of torque. Inner cooler and slightly larger turbo are the main differences I'm aware of. I know diesel's love turbos to be more efficient and the inner cooler is a solid increase too.

I remember one member on here was pulling something like 50mpg out of a diesel truck, I think it was a Dodge, probably a 2wd that was areo modded.

Ideally this truck should solve my problem of overloading my truck with wood, this Ford should be more than capable for most of my loads. My last truck was a 1998 Toyota T100 4x4 with the 3.4L V6 with 5 speed stick. It got around 20-22mpg when I focused on mileage. Wish Toyota would make a true 1 ton truck, my closest 2nd pick would be a 2007+ Tundra, but locally they run around $12-15k, I have $3.5k into this truck and $1.3k in the parts truck (quite on the last owner, should be a simple fix to get running). The guy with the parts trunk cranked on it enough to kill the starter, luckily the big heavy diesel starter is only $110 shipped and is an easy job to do.

Sadly there's not many people on here with bigger trucks to compare my performance vs others. So far found a couple people with some history and trying to get mpg and around 20mpg is the line they are hanging around, general public is around 15-16mpg.

I'd guess I'm probably around the 20mpg mark but won't know until I get it legal and get some miles on it. The U joint is bad on it, so had to shift at higher rpm than I'd like (~2000 rpm) to keep from having the heavy vibration. If I can get 20mpg, that will be on par with my smaller "mid" sized truck and have tons more power and and such.

I suspect I should pull some alright numbers. My dad beat on his which was a 1996 automatic, everything else the same, and with the tuner on the first stage he was getting around 15mpg beating on it, 13mpg before the tuner. Clearly that was before we got into mpg and such. He still has his truck, 100k miles and has an electronic issue with the transmission system he hasn't dedicated time to looking into. He's had it sitting for 15-20 years. I think getting the same truck might spark some motivation in him lol.
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