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I'm in Michigan, no inspections or any of that extra stuff (yet atleast). Weather is cold, at or below freezing during the day.

My dad has a tuner already, it's an old one but it's a good one. I guess it VIN locks when an engine is tuned, sounds like a way to leech more money from potential buyers. There's another tuner that's basically the same thing that's updated. These are not the ebay trick the sensors into giving false readings to the computer type of tuners, these reflash the EEPROM in the computer, no wire hacking etc, just plug in and flash.

Interesting on the pulse and gliding, I didn't even think about the load effect since I figured that was more a gas engine thing. In my corolla, for ~1 mile I tried extreme pulse and glide, something like 15mph -> 35mph then back down and the scan gauge said something like 70mpg. It wasn't something I could do long term but was fun to try out.

I'm not sure how well the diesel would do being floored though, they tend to dump excess fuel and the black smoke rolling out is unburnt fuel, aka inefficiency. There's no throttle plate in a Diesel, so I don't really understand the theory/concept behind pulse and glide with a diesel.

On the corolla test run, I was loading it to the ideal %, can't remember off hand what it was, like 70 or 80% though. It was an automatic, so there was a fine line between loading the engine enough and going too far and having it down shift.

Either case, it's an interesting idea.
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