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Originally Posted by ssullivan View Post
Right on. Did you have the car for a while?

I am shifting into 5th at 50-55mph which comes out to 1700-1800rpm on the calculator. Might try going a bit lower. Plugging in what I found for your car comes out to 1370rpm. ~38hp/lb isn't going to get you places quickly! Stock turbo, direct injection, and a tune gets well into the 20s, really peppy without losing much efficiency.
We had that car from 2011 to 2019. I drove it at least 15 times to Mexico. Also out to Houston a few times. I think it has over 700,000 miles on it but it's on its third odometer and it stopped working who knows how long from before I bought it with a total of 350,000 miles on it if you add all three odometers' final readings together. I remember going by map over 600 miles and then could only get a little more than 10 gallons into the tank.

38hp at sea level? I'm at about 8,000ft above sea level and regularly drive over 12,000ft. Obviously I had to use lower gears for the hill climbs. The car felt like it had a boat anchor dragging in sand behind it. Trying to keep it in top gear didn't help speed but sure seemed to help with fuel mileage. Although I didn't have a way to accurately check it all the time.
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