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Originally Posted by MeteorGray View Post
The plugs I buy (from Walmart etc) don't come with separate cement, but they are sticky and "mushy" enough so that they do not need anything else to work. At least, they work for me. At least, so far :-0
I just bought the Walmart one today too, after being astounded by the 1.99 price. I was debating the rubber cement Slime Deluxe kit or a separate pack of rubber cement, but I remember going to a tire shop and they didn't use rubber cement, and a bunch of the other kits also didn't have rubber cement, so I figured it just needs to sort of hold air to get to the tire shop for a patch.

The Slime Deluxe kit was 5.49 which is also an astounding deal, but I felt like the ginormous handles are kind of bulky and harder to stuff into a corner of the trunk.

Hopefully I'll never have to use it, but peace of mind, yay.
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