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Originally Posted by AeroMcAeroFace View Post
Why are new innovations and new ways of reducing drag not celebrated?
Ah well, haven't you been following the sub-forum's long-held philosophy?

First, no automotive aerodynamic developments have occurred since 1987. (In fact, really truly, none have occurred since the 1930s.)

Second, all aerodynamic discussion needs to be done through the analytical prism of using a template. "Dimensional analysis" I see it's now being called.

Third, testing (except for rudimentary tuft testing and completely ineffective coast-downs) during aero modification development is to be avoided. Just too many variables to make it of any use at all.

Fourth, informed comment needs to be expressed in the most obscure language possible, all the better to give a lack of understanding in the person seeking advice.

Fifth, any new technical papers that are cited must be analysed using the four above approaches. Strangely enough, this usually leads to their content being dismissed.

But thankfully, most of these are slowly changing.

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