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Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post
As far as I can tell, Aerohead uses "the template" as a general guide and he has said as much. He did not design the program that automatically applies it to cars. Posting examples of incorrectly applying "the template" using that program is not proof that it's "false". It's not a theory. It's a guideline based on an "ideal shape". Not the only ideal shape but a practical one for beginners to use as a basic tool. AFAIK it was never meant to be a "theory" or the only way to apply aerodynamics in the way that you characterize it.

I apologize. You are obviously not implying Ecomodder is a cult.

Lastly, what's the worst that could happen here with supposed bad aero advice on this forum? Someone gets slightly worse MPG? Oh god. Please save us.

Anyway, Love your work. Your online etiquette? Not so much.

It is quite obvious that

(1) You haven't been reading this sub forum much


(2) You don't spend hundreds of hours modifying your car, sweating blood tears and money.

If you did (1) above, you'd know that what you have written about Aerohead (eg how he applies the template) is simply not correct, and that yes, Aerohead is now quite obviously spreading misinformation in bad faith.

If you did (2) you would never be flippant about bad car modification advice being given out. To you it's apparently trivial; it's not to me - but then I actually work on modifying my cars and spend a lot of effort doing so.
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