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This may be old news here, so mods move it if necessary:


What if the front wheel were replaced with a very low profile roller blade-style wheel truck, or street luge wheels, for much lower profile and side windage/drag? This would help with pesky side winds, esp. when stopped, while simultaneously reducing drag.

What if the bike chain drive mechanism were simply replaced with a (now standard) hub motor, for fully electric drive as per ebikes now claiming 20+ mile range? What range would this recumbent streamliner then get?

What if "landing gear doors" to put your feet on the ground while stopping were simply replaced with retractable "training wheels" on short extendable struts, so you don't need to get your feet wet when stopping in a mud puddle?

Why not simply shape the craft per most efficient Battle Mountain streamliners, but retain the flip-up wind-/face shield feature, for lower drag?

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