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don't know

Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
I honestly don't know what you are talking about. Dr Wolf, in his written feedback on my book, was in agreement with my description of how the 911 rear spoiler works. It bemuses me how you just make things up.

You've said frequently that you've not read any aero textbooks more recent than 1987.

You've ignored all the corrections and references that I, Vman455 and AeroMcAeroFace have been giving you.
* Dr Wolf described exactly what I was saying about the 911, and what the spoiler did to the ' adverse pressure gradient '
* With respect to 'more recent' aero textbooks, so far there's no indication that they possess any information which would overturn fluid mechanics as I know them. They nibble around the edges, but no 'grand gestures,' no 'opus magnus.' I routinely see more contemporary fluid mechanics textbooks that aren't worth bringing home.
* Some of your SAE reference materials speak of contradictory and opposing evidence within their own investigations. Like rotating wheel drag.
* You've yet to correct me. I can't get a word out of any of you. For about 9-months now for you personally.
* I really would like to know what you guys actually think. You just avoid direct communication like the plague.
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