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Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post
Your constant return to the accusation that Iím against debate or of fighting misinformation after explaining to you on so many occasions my complete approval of fighting misinformation is truly amazing. Itís like you canít hear it.

You just canít stop with the put downs can you? You have a clear understanding of my knowledge of aerodynamics from one comment I made about the holy template of glory do you? Well done, sir. But if your command of aerodynamics is so comprehensive one wonders why you feel the need to put people down so much. Shouldnít your deep knowledge and flawless argumentation be enough to convince people of the inferiority of your opponents without constantly having to point it out?

It was you who drifted into personal attacks. I stupidly intervened hoping to try to get you to return to aerodynamics and away from unfounded accusations and wild assumptions. One thing I learned from all this is that you canít seem to understand the difference between a personal attack and legitimate debate. I have made no claims here of expert knowledge of aerodynamics but I sure know an ad hominem when I see one.

With all that youíve written youíve added absolutely nothing to improving knowledge of aerodynamics on this forum.

Noting at all I am afraid.

Do you actually have anything to say that will improve aerodynamic understandings?
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