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What would you do with $2,000?

I didn't realize this thread was active for 6 months. In that time Meet Kevin probably released 200 stimulus videos and made millions, so the equivalent of an episode or two of "Seinfeld?"

I am not saying that a $2,000 check will happen--or won't. I am not sharing my conclusions regarding who is responsible for what.

I am just curious what has changed for everyone in the past 10 months and what would you do with $2,000, if, for whatever reason, you had that much to spare?
Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Between my two jobs I work about thirty hours a week, but I should have a few more with the school next year.
This did not age well!

I was supposed to have more hours and a small raise, but I was supposed to see students that coughed, sneezed, and laughed in my face in-person during a global pandemic.

Then my hours were cut in half--at most $200 a week.

I don't know how the public school job worked out, but let's say they would have given me one step. With one year of experience (in a school), I would earn $29,995.34 this school year, so let's say $14,997.67 for a semester Even when I was only seeing 2-3 client a week I am sure there would have been some conflict, but let's say that I manage to serve two masters.

I made $26,125.85 with home health and $5,505.85 the first semester at the charter school. If I worked at the public school in the fall my pay would have been $41,123.52 instead of $26,125.85--57% more!

However, it would have mostly been in-person, and I was sick 3 times despite minimizing contact with others and obsessing over staying home, wearing a mask when I need to go out, and washing my hands when I get home. I would have lost days of work each time that I got the sniffles or was exposed to someone who did, until I could get test results.

The agency paid me $840 twice in May. Until mid-September I averaged $408.33 a paycheck. Since then I have averaged $971.25, but from January to April I averaged $1,090, plus I had the school job!

So, my caseload is slowly improving, but I am still a couple of hours short of where I was when TPgate started, and $800 short of my total income the first four months!
Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Mine went straight from savings and will stay there for another couple of weeks until I pay off my credit card--unless I get some harebrained scheme first.

Does anyone have a good harebrained scheme?
I paid off my credit card, but the stimulus check is still sitting in my Navy Federal account earning a whopping 0.25% interest!

In the past 7.5 months I have saved an additional $5,800, so I really could buy a $6,000 - 7,000 car, I just don't feel compelled to.

At Bank of America, I have $3,902.02 in checking, the minimum $500 in savings, and owe $1,828.43 on my credit card, but I need to sit down with Mom and figure out what I bought for her and my brother over the last month. Then I will pay off my credit card.

So, I have $9,000 more cash-on-hand. I haven't actively looked for houses, but I have looked at everything that Zillow and my realtor have sent me, but none of them looked worth evaluating, and I wouldnít necessarily have 5% down.

In 7.5 months I still havenít figured out what to do with savings that arenít enough for the down payment for a house.

What about you guys? What would you do with $2,000?
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