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Originally Posted by redpoint
UBI is inevitable.
You might be right .. but .. I would prefer UBE.
Universal Basic Employment at a basic livable wage .. those who want more can work more , work smarter , get better jobs, etc.

IF done well , there is something everyone can do that adds value / benefit to society at large , their community , etc .. Ideally something like a super good job placement program .. but less than ideally even if UBE pay doesn't line up with 100% pure capitalism supply/demand .. because that would be the ideal , but not the primary goal of the program .. pick up litter by hand , sort recycles by hand , turn a hand crank electrical generator , etc .. spend the resources to find something/anything that person can do (employment).

- - - -

On the thread topic of the stimulus check .. I am fortunate to not need it .. and I think there are/were better ways (more return/benefit to society) for the same tax payer investment/cost.

but .. Money Network / Meta Bank that manage the stimulus cards .. have also for several months now been actively and deliberately refusing to give mine to me ... soo there is that also.

Apparently they extremely dislike the existence of option #5 .. attached .. and have for months been refusing to do that , when I select that option over and over .. responded with things like 'if you don't choose option#5 , you can use your card to do x y z' .. I say I still choose option #5 , they continue to refuse and repeat the same 'if you don't choose option#5, you can use your card to do x y z' .. repeat , repeat ... I started a complaint case with the O.C.C. already months ago , but that is a very very slow bureaucracy.
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