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Thanks for the welcome SVO.

I have the ScanGauge connected already.
It shows me some flaws in my driving technique.
The MPG gauge show me that I can get over the 40 mpg level with the LOD (engine LOaD) below 50%.
I can't hold 60mph on a flat road at 50%, as it steadily slows down.
So I've just started trying the pulse and glide type technique,
but this is hard in commuter traffic.

The tires are pumped up hard, and I've done he experiments with synthetic oil,
and with the acetone in the tank. Nothing to write home about there,
altho I'll go back to the synthetic oil on the next change, but it already runs 5w20 so I don't think that's too much of an issue.

The aero mods are interesting and probably where Ill try next.

(btw, this is a 57yo male Sandy)
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