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Hiya, Ecomodders!

This year I didn't do any modding to my vehicles, but I did wind up with a new vehicle in the family - a 2010 Audi A4 that was gifted to my kids by their grandfather. The car requires premium to run its best, so, unlike my other two hybrid vehicles, it is costlier to fuel up. On the plus side, it DOES get reasonably good mileage, as is.

I will investigate ways to improve its economy as time goes by but, for now, I have to concentrate on regular maintenance on all three of my aging cars. the good news is that both hybrids continue to perform well, despite their advancing age. I just replaced the 12V battery in my 2010 Milan, that I upgraded five years ago. That mod turned out to be an excellent upgrade!

Happy 13th! ;-)

2006 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid
2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
2010 Audi A4 AWD
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