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I joined in 2013 when I inherited a nearly new Ford C-Max. Ecomodder was a great place to start learning about aerodynamics, drivetrain efficiency, pulse-n-glide, and just how cold was too cold keep the heat turned off. The C-Max, being a hybrid, was capable of very good mileage, and so able to show real improvements as energy content and parasitic losses were addressed. It was an oddball car introduced as fuel prices dropped, and with two EPA mileage estimate reductions, nobody bought them after the first 6 months. Did I mention the early trannys broke?

As a result, the community of early adopters became the only "enthusiasts" and, as here, they tried things. Front grill blocks became common, given their virtually guarantee benefit. I did a tuft test on the car from the highest point, back, and came away with a lot of respect for the designers. All the issues were below the beltline, with the best results coming from covered wheels and fairings. Vortex generators gave mixed results. Good fuel was a clear winner. Winter weather a clear loser; Southerners got much better mileage.

But, as you all know, the biggest factor is the driver. It took me over a year to learn how to drive. I replaced C-Max with the 2020 Escape Hybrid and the lessons transferred. I won't be modding this one, but I am very grateful for the lessons learned from Ecomodder.

This is still a great place to start!
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