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Howdy, folks.

For the first time EVER (for my main wheels), my oil next oil change (in February) will be based on time rather than mileage. I haven't been thinking much about ecomodding lately since I haven't been driving much. In fact, I've been driving so little that I've switched to using "sport" mode in town instead of driving my Alltrack in "eco" mode. I don't know when I'll see what impact the change has on fuel efficiency; a tank of gas lasts for months!

When Winter's gone, my 1979 Coupe DeVille will start splitting time with my Alltrack. I had done some mods to the Caddy long ago when it was my daily driver, and it might be fun to tweak it again if I have reason to drive it somewhat regularly 2021.

With my first '79 Coupe DeVille, I swapped the 425 for a 512 (and some other goodies). My MPGs went *UP* by almost 3--even though I wasn't exactly shy with the throttle. I still have that engine, but I'm not up to swapping it into my current Caddy at this time. Any ecomodding suggestions you may have for the 425 set-up will be welcome. If I start ecomodding with it again, I'll log everything in my garage here.

-Doug "Whitey" Jackson

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