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Originally Posted by bnmorgan View Post
I put a throttle stop on my alh beetle years back, have one on my bew golf now, but have it screwed way down to like 80%. started trying to contrive some means to have a 2 stage stop. one for regular driving, but more of a detent that can be pushed through when more is really needed like, "right now full emergency thrust" situations.
original experimental intent was like 55%, worked for several days till it didn't. short version is that i thought i was about to die. "at your own risk" for sure.

have been thinking that a smarter cruise control might be better than trying to continue to improve the nut holding my steering wheel. PID maybe?
Just so that you're aware, the throttle stop testing I am talking about is to test for changes in aerodynamic drag, with the stop used only during the testing process.
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