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Nice, currently my 93 Custom Chevy G20 Van gets 50% that MPG (or did when it was last running) of 14/15MPG.

BUT a few very important points..IT is a FULL SIZED van, with lots of room, four captain seats, front and rear air that is piped though out the cabin, you can almost stand fully up in it, lots of comfort, a full sized twin bed with a real mattress, a privet portly potty with its own A/C vent, (Sadly no exhaust vent…yet) room for a lot of suit cases, AND a cargo hold behind the rear seats. I carry a special floor jack, a good set of tools, spare parts, a tow bar, a push bar both just in case, and have room to add a planned for small A/C powered room Heat Pump for heating and cooling.

My plan is for a new special 383 and a second over drive and I am looking to be able to get between 20 and 30MPG at real highway speeds of 75/85MPH.

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