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Originally Posted by COcyclist View Post
I followed the original Throttle Stop thread and assumed it would not work on the TDI since it is both drive-by-wire and turbocharged. I saw this thread and hoped it might give us another option besides A-B-A that Darrin has suggested for years. Alas, I tried it today without success.

I had the car mostly warmed up on a flat, straight road, at 70 mph, 16 degrees F with zero wind and speed and elevation measured by a Garmin on the dash. First, the Throttle Position Sensor on the ScanGuage (TPS) was useless as it just read 95 all the time unless I really stood on the throttle. I tried Load (LOD) but it was all over the place even with my right foot braced tightly on the footwell. I finally tried Gallons Per Hour (GPH) and was able to hold a fairly steady 1.66 @ 70 mph. However the windows up or down did not show a consistent difference in top speed.
I just want to confirm the approach you took.

1. Work out throttle position that holds car at chosen test speed.

2. Enter test section at that speed and then hold foot constant at that previously determined throttle position (as confirmed by whatever factor you're looking at on scangauge).

3. Wait until speed settles - might be 1km or more. Need to read speed to a resolution of at least 1 per cent.

4. Repeat with windows open, using exactly the same steps 1-3 above.

Is that how you did it?
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