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Originally Posted by mwebb View Post
i have a total of three mark4 VWs with BEW engine
2 golfs and a beetle
and i have VCDS vagcom s newer name

use the OBD2 section

for a similar type of test inspired by the other threads on ecomodder
i use speed as the constant set
with cruise control and with a GPS not the speedometer and not scan data values as i have 215 55 17 tires on GTi 17" wheels , speedo is not accurate
load as the variable

baseline it and then start with whatever modification
run the test again , same conditions
same speed
monitor load if it went down good if it went up bad
record results

a terminal speed hill , i use about a 3 mile stretch of highway that descends
from the same start place to the same end place
begin at 60mph coasting end at what ever speed , higher is better measuring drag and rolling resistance combined
simple test
no real test equipment needed other than a GPS

operating in KISS format

Sounds good! Got some test results that you can share with us?
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