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living in the great red state of texas, where oil is the blood of the economy, its my firm opinion that anything that can reduce or eliminate this nations dependency on expensive oil ( CNG ) will be bought out by the oil companies.

then they will raise the price to near or above the price of gasoline to discourage usage, and once again, the cheapest option is paying 4.00 per gallon for gasoline. they already did it with ethanol, which is only .20 cents cheaper than gasoline in my neighborhood, and at 10-12 mpg in my taurus on ethanol, it then becomes more expensive than gasoline.

if CNG becomes popular enough i fear the oil companies will dip into their never ending depths of wealth, buy out the natural gas companies, place a surcharge or tax on each gallon equivalent of CNG, and raise the price of natural gas in our homes to make at home filling as or more expensive than filling in their taxed filling stations.

then -- given the cost of converting, to save little to no money at the pump, the majority of americans will say "#### that, (insert blasphemous rumor about inefficiency or danger of cng powered cars here), ill keep my hummer running on gasoline!!"

oil companies have a monopoly over us, and to make things worse they have enough money to buy out our alternative fuels, and enough power to force legislation enacting a web of red tape keeping us from cheaper, more eco- friendly fuel options.

the united states isnt just dependent on oil, its run by the people who depend on our oil dependency to keep rich!

call me a conspirist, but this is what i believe
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