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That was six years ago. I got a hard wallet at Fry's but never got over the hurdle of sitting in a coffee shop and handing someone cash.

A year ago March I gave it to my son and asked him to transfer some of his into it and I'd reimburse him. I figure he owes me six grand at this point.

Anyhow, I like the process more than the prospect of riches.
If you have Bitcoin, I think you print out the 50-digit address or laser etch it on stainless steel ingots or something so it won't go away. The value is held in common by the network.

The energy requirement is a flaw, but as you see that can be exploited. Iceland's geothermal power is best, but IIRC it's exacerbated by competition between the miners.

When the value of a single Satoshi equals $1, a single Bitcoin will be worth 1 million dollars. After the Democrat depression, if not already, a single dollar will be worth a single penny. I think it's about 4 now.

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