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Years ago when there were far fewer paved and maintained roads, when snow removal wasn't near as good and when more people lived out in the country most people would go camping regularly in their 2wd station wagons and would boast over how well their sedans drove in the snow.

Now that more roads than ever are paved and well maintained, snow removal it better than ever and the great majority of people now live in the city; now SUV's and pickups are necessary!? Now everyone needs one in case they drive over an unpaved road or if they get a skiff of snow!?

Last summer we drove over Cumberland Pass in the Avalon. Everyone else had pickups, SUV's or even 4 wheelers and other off-road vehicles. They'd look at me like I was crazy. But I don't really understand why. The road was in great shape and we never once scraped bottom. And with the shear dropoff it wasn't like those off-road vehicles were ever going to help those drivers actually drive off the road. I also averaged 60mpg the whole round trip in a big comfy Avalon!
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