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I read Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper back in the day. IIRC it is only eight pages. But it went right over my head when they got to Merkle Trees. I get what they do, I just can't explain how.

Mining is a competition as I understand it. In early days you could run a PC in a closet, but then the custom ASICs upped the ante.

Ten watts? Pshaw.

Can you imagine a Beowolf cluster of these? That reminds me I haven't visited Slashdot in a while.

Yikes! This is on-topic:

This is the sort of content I went to Slashdot for:

This one has a good comment section. We talked about this 20 years ago on /. (Score:5, Insightful)

One of the major points brought up about the slash system was it was user moderated, not owner/administrator moderated. That was what allowed it to operate under 230. Twitter, Facebook are actively employing people to moderate.

Twitter and Facebook do have a system in place to allow user moderated content, you can follow or unfollow someone. That is fair. What's been going on lately though is these platforms have been choosing who you can and cannot follow. Who is and isn't allowed on the system. From a purely technical standpoint, TD has not ddos'd these sites. He has not done anything to hinder the sites themselves. He's just posted things these sites disagree with. I don't think 230 should be repealed, but at the same time sites that are actively engaged in who you can follow, and what content gets posted should not get the protections 230 affords.
Unfortunately society as a whole is starting to welcome powers that be to think for them, deciding what they see and what is allowed to be seen, and that's scary.

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