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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
Odd. You say 5th at 45mph is @1500RPM? Are you sure? Do you know what your AFR and timing are at that? Do you have a ScanGauge? Does this have variable valve timing or fixed?
It's geared way lower than that. 5th gear at 45 in 5th gear is close to 2000RPM. 6th gear at 45 is 1600. But it definitely gets less mileage in 6th than 5th at those speeds. At 65 it's almost at 2500 RPM in 6th gear.

It does have some sort of VVT system on it. I should be able to bring up fuel trims, not sure if the car will output AFR or not. And I can check ignition timing. My guess is when cruising at lower speeds in higher gears it just has to pull timing too much.

Tires are still the original. I've run winter tires each year on it so they never really get worn at all. I could get some ecopias but I think that might offset fuel costs.
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