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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
After reading my book, Dr Hucho wrote nothing to me about a template of any kind.

He was more concerned that I didn't have a chapter on wind tunnel testing than I'd completely missed this amazing template that Aerohead ascribes to him.

What you will find in Hucho's book is this diagram:

No less than five low drag shapes, all looking different! So which one are we to pick to help us in our modifications? Depending on that, the resulting mods will have quite different shapes! And how can that be so, when we've been told here for so long that there is only one template? (Or two, I find it hard to keep up.)
1) there's actually seven if you do the elongations.
2) among the five depicted, the AST occurs five times.
3) so you're arguing against the ' template' by using the 'template' as counterfactual evidence. Very disturbing and confusing.
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