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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
One template occurs five times in the five different templates?

And five templates is really seven if you change them?

Neither point makes any sense.
1) It helps to un-nest the images into their individual elevation and plan-views. I probably published all of them in 2007. Don't remember.
2) The VW-Drop Shape is full-length already, so other than lowering it ( if that actually helped), or installing wheel fairings, there's no additional drag reduction available. And if you'll examine the 'windscreen' area, it might develop the ' intolerable refraction and visibility problems' experienced with the VW 2000, at Cd 0.18. It might be impossible to see out of. It's roofline is exactly the AST-1 profile.
3) The AVA Streamline Shape Cd 0.15 is the 1938 Sch'o'rwagen, by Ludwig Prandtl. Cd 0.186 @ full-scale, and like the Drop shape, it's already at full-length, so it also has 'issues'. Good outwards visibility.
4) The VW Blunt Body Cd 0.15 ( solid bordered image ) with a truncated tail is Cd 0.15. If elongated, it's extremely likely that the long-tailed variant would be at least Cd 0.14.
5) So I would allow for a Blunt Body long tail. Their contour is essentially the AST-II. Good outwards visibility.
6) The VW Flow Body, short-tail, Cd 0.15 is also essentially the AST-II.
7) Across the page from it, you'll find it's sibling, the Flow Body long-tail, Cd 0.14. Without wheels, Cd 0.0913. AST-II. Good outward visibility.
8) The other image is Wolfgang Klemperer's 'minivan' of 1922, Cd 0.16. It's also truncated, and could develop lower drag if elongated. Hucho developed his own half-body by fully extending Klemperer's roofline, for Cd 0.15. We do not have a plan-view image of Hucho's half-body.
I'm extremely 'visually' oriented. I don't have the facility to abstract forms as presented in Hucho's nested schematic. I need to really see them individually.
I'd be tickled to see any of these forms rolling down the road.
I chose what I chose because of the Flow-Body long-tail, leaning on the 2.5:1 streamline body's lowest measured drag, to dial-in as low a drag as I knew.
I like the wing cars too. I just don't know how an automaker could fare in the marketplace with them. Same goes for the ASTs as well. And that deserves it's own dedicated thread.
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