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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Powertrain efficiency and BSFC are variable. BSFC dominates the scenario.
'The 'influence coefficient' is a sensitivity factor that relates a percentage change in independent variable to its corresponding percentage change dependent variable.'
'Changes in other vehicle factors may occur as a consequence of drag change, and these must be identified and considered.'
'A drag change causes the locus of the engine's operating points during the test to fall in a different region of the engine's performance map. This can alter the BSFC.'
' aerodynamic influence factor can easily deteriorate to only 60% of its potential value.'
Any load reduction
I don't think you understand the throttle stop testing technique (eg BSFC is quite irrelevant), and very clearly you've never actually used it to assess drag changes.

Never mind. To put it mildly, you've not shown yourself to be very open to new ideas, and that's OK.

(Not of course, that testing for changes in top speed to quantify drag changes is new!)
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