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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I believe that I do understand it, and that's why I'd never use it. You may believe that you're in command of knowledge you're not in possession of. A reflection of your comments.
When it comes to testing, there's nothing more important than BSFC. I don't believe you actually understand it. That's not a cut, just an observation.
Some SAE Papers supporting your method would be instructive.
Brake Specific Fuel Consumption is irrelevant to throttle stop testing. Fuel consumption, whether specific to power being produced or distance being travelled, has nothing to do with the technique. Fuel consumed is not measured when using the technique.

Before I published the throttle stop approach, I did of course consult some aerodynamic experts - three in this case.

The only contentious point is one you have completely ignored, and that is whether the calculated change in drag depends on the square of the difference in speed, or the cube of the difference in speed.

Changes in top speed as indicating changes in drag has been used for over 100 years.
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