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I have a very heavy tool box ladder rack deal on my truck. I removed it to help a friend move some furniture and kept it off until after a 400 mile trip to my dads iver Christmas. Tried to keep it about 5 over the speed limit to keep me in the left lane and avoid constant lane changes as its mostly 2 lanes each direction. Went from 9-10 mpg to 12.8mpg on the way there and 12.5 on the way back.
Im now using it for work again so the box/rack is back on and again getting about 9.5-10 average. The traffic out here doesnt help me at all though. We'll be going 65-70 and then come to a stop on the freeway and immediately back to 65.
Being said im looking into getting a 2.8l duramax van this year. Ive read good reports 20-35 mpg depending on load and driving. If i go that route truck will go back to big load and towing only duty.
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